PORTALS: Volume Four

Release Date: June 28, 2016


Welcome! You have arrived at a portal to the galaxy.

Enter, and you’ll be transported to exciting new worlds where you’ll meet sexy heroes & heroines who dare to take it to the edge and beyond. Count on these adventurers to take their best shot at their enemies…and at romance!

PORTALS: Volume Four is a FREE first-chapter sampler of 10 different out of this world Science Fiction Romances with links to purchase the full stories you enjoyed.

What better way to discover more books you love then in this collection by award winning authors?

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The last thing Addy Dawson remembers is a blazing inferno and freezing river water overtaking her lungs. When she awakens, Addy finds herself on a strange, alien planet, trapped in a cell with no doors, no windows—and to her horror—a naked warrior who claims to be her mate.

CAPTIVE received a SFR Galaxy Award

CAPTIVE received a
2013 SFR Galaxy Award


An alpha gladiator, Max is forced to breed and produce the finest specimens for the Survival Race, a deadly blood sport created by the alien rulers of Hyborea. To rebel means torture—or worse—yet Max refuses to become the animal his captors want him to be. But their jailors will not be denied, and soon Addy and Max find themselves unwilling players in this cruel game. Pushed to the limit, they will risk everything for the chance at a life free from captivity. And though fate brought them together as adversaries, Max and Addy will discover that when they’re together, there’s nothing in the universe that can stop them.

CAPTIVE is a finalist
in the Gayle Wilson
Award of Excellence contest


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FEARLESS (The Survival Race Series – Book 2)

Release Date:  January 7, 2014


Myia, a shaman-in-training, wants desperately to protect her peaceful village from the barbaric Highland invaders. To hone her powers of prophetic visions and healing, the village elders send Myia on a quest: to heal the Highland warlord’s heart and stop a brewing war. Myia’s mended many souls before, so this should be an effortless duty . . . until she meets the gorgeous, stubborn Highland warlord.


Kedric, a gladiator who escaped enslavement, only wants to liberate the villagers from their common foe—a race that breeds humans for blood sport and genetic experiments. Fueled by his rage, Kedric is determined to take down the brutal enemy. So when a raven-haired beauty with a body made for sin tries to sabotage his mission, Kedric wants her gone. Yet no woman’s touch has ever left Kedric more annoyed . . . and aroused. Kedric knows he should shun her soothing embrace-but he can’t seem to stay away. As their passion grows, Kedric must decide between fighting his war or surrendering his rage—and his heart—for Myia’s love.


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Release Date: March 19, 2014

Beauty and the Curse by K.M. Fawcett and Cathy TullyThis is not you daughter’s fairy tale! 

Cursed by a jealous witch, wealthy recluse Anabel Charming is destined to grow uglier with each passing year. Only by having sex before her twenty-first birthday can this virgin’s spell be broken. Yet no man will agree to sleep with the humpbacked, pockmarked, one-leg-shorter-than-the-other Freak of Park Avenue.

When handsome Chase Singleton shows up on a quest to retrieve his grandmother’s long-lost talisman, which Anabel now possesses, Anabel is willing to give up the jewel . . . if Chase agrees to break her curse. With only two days left before her chance at a normal life is lost forever, Anabel and Chase discover the reality of beauty, the power of sexual healing, and the meaning of true love.


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