FEARLESS (Book 2 in The Survival Race series)

Fab Fantasy Fiction:

(5 Stars)“Five stars for K.M. Fawcett’s FEARLESS, a passionate, beautiful, and gripping fantasy romance. My intent was to read a little last night and then finish it early this morning. Instead I read and read and read it last night, not closing the cover on my Kindle till the last page was turned. What an absolutely fascinating story!” —Emsy

CAPTIVE (Book 1 in The Survival Race series)

Bitten By Paranormal Romance:

(5 – An alpha howl) “Captive is a story filled with action, adventure, pain (physical and emotional), and a wonderful romance that blooms slowly through the book…This was such a different and refreshing read…Captive was a happy accident that I happened to come across on Amazon, and I’m thrilled to have found it. K.M. Fawcett will be an auto buy in my future :)” —CaroleDee

Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance:

(5 Stars) “I started off this book thinking to read a few chapters each day. That plan quickly went to the wayside. I devoured chapters, then stayed up late to finish. I had a great time . . . As a reader, I really felt that these were people fighting for survival—not just physically but psychologically. A great read.” —RK

Ramblings From This Chick:

(5 Stars) “The combination of originality in plot-line, fantastic world building, and well paced action meshed beautifully with a simmering romance to create an epic and enjoyable read. I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series.” —Melissa

Gimme The Scoop Reviews:

(5 pawprints) “OMG! What a dang good story this was! I fell in love at page one and was held breathless until the end!” —Jennifer 

The Boyfriend Bookmark:  

(4 Stars) “This book was well written and had a great spirit about it. I loved the characters and I loved the time that Addy and Max shared, not only trying to survive but falling in love.” —Stephanie

Toot’s Book Reviews:

(4 Books)  “This is an interesting sci-fi story . . . Both characters have a depth and how they work together makes the story . . . I would give it a 4 out of 5 for the characters.” Stacey Sabala   

My Book Addiction And More Reviews:  

(4) “An adventure in survival and love…Although, I do not like this type of stories, I must say Captive was an interesting read.” —AprilR

The Window Seat on A Rainy Day:

(4 Stars) “I am placing this author on my auto buy list! I’m excited about the next book in the series called Fearless which will feature Kedric, Duncan’s son. I truly hope we see a lot more of Max and Addy in Kedric’s book though… I feel like they are my family! Wow, would I love to see this on the big screen! ”  —Terree


(B-)  “CAPTIVE had a tight plot with an engrossing world and an interesting take on aliens and humanity. Although I wished the romance was much stronger especially leading up to the realization and acceptance of the feelings between Addy and Max. They were engaging leads and the story kept me glued to my e-screen. I think K.M Fawcett has created a unique and mysterious world where we just scratched the surface.” —Has