Sci-fi Romance Brigade Presents…An Excerpt From CAPTIVE

The following is another snippet from CAPTIVE (book #1 in the Survival Race Series). Click on this link for more SFR Brigade Presents excerpts written by other Science Fiction Romance Brigade members and discover new authors you’ll love.

CAPTIVE was a recipient of the SFR Galaxy Award and a finalist in the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award for Excellence.

Set up: Abducted to the bitter world of Hyborea, Addy is caged with an alpha gladiator and is expected to breed champions for the deadly survival races. Her stud, Max, tries to seduce her while she tries talking him out of it.

What was she thinking? It didn’t matter that Max was hot. It didn’t even matter that her body responded to his sexual prowess. She didn’t know him and she sure as hell didn’t want to get pregnant by a man who slept with countless women and fathered… “H-how many babies did you make?”

He pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. “No idea.”

“You’ve been a sex slave for fifteen years and you don’t know if you have kids?”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t be here if I were sterile.” He rested his hands on the wall trapping her between thick arms.

Anyone emanating masculinity and sex like he did couldn’t be sterile. His lips, mere inches from hers, tempted her to taste him. Their breath mingled in sensual intimacy. If only she could glance away, but his gaze held hers captive. She swallowed. “Doesn’t it bother you to know you have children out there somewhere?”

He paused. A far-off look clouded his eyes. Was he backing down?

With a shake of his head, the lustful eyes returned. “No more talking. It distracts from the seduction.”

“But I—” His mouth, soft yet powerful, covered hers. Liquid heat flooded her veins. His lips coaxed hers open offering a sampling of his fruit-sweetened tongue. Then, slowly, his kiss withdrew.

Breathless and trembling, she gaped at him, mouth still tingling from his five o’clock shadow. Never in her twenty-three years had she been kissed with such sensuous hunger before. And never had her body reacted with such intensity.

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The last thing Addy Dawson remembers is a blazing inferno and freezing river water overtaking her lungs. When she awakens, Addy finds herself on a strange, alien planet, trapped in a cell with no doors, no windows—and to her horror—a naked warrior who claims to be her mate.


An alpha gladiator, Max is forced to breed and produce the finest specimens for the Survival Race, a deadly blood sport created by the alien rulers of Hyborea. To rebel means torture—or worse—yet Max refuses to become the animal his captors want him to be. But their jailors will not be denied, and soon Addy and Max find themselves unwilling players in this cruel game. Pushed to the limit, they will risk everything for the chance at a life free from captivity. And though fate brought them together as adversaries, Max and Addy will discover that when they’re together, there’s nothing in the universe that can stop them.

~K.M. Fawcett

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  1. This was such an excellent book and I LOVED Addy. Great excerpt…

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Veronica! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. And thrilled you loved Addy, too. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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