Month: August 2022


Today is release day for WILDE TREASURES: A Candlewood Falls Novel! I can’t wait for you to join Willow Wilde & Rick McKinnon on an adventure through Candlewood Falls as they chase clues on a hunt for 200-year-old buried pirate booty and discover some treasures are more precious than gold.   Rick McKinnon is on the hunt for booty… pirate booty, that is. With one week left to find the trove before his mafia boss investor starts busting kneecaps, Rick discovers the hidden location is inside a 200-year-old well on private property. Unfortunately, claustrophobic Rick gets stuck. The last thing Willow Wilde needs after moving away from her thieving ex is to rescue a sexy hustler from her well. But when the fortune hunter offers a piece of buried treasure in exchange for her help, Willow gets swept into an adventure sure to solve her money woes and add to

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