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I can’t wait for you to meet and fall in love with Vander Wilde and Riley Reynolds in this second-chance romance. What if a second chance at romance comes at a price they can’t afford to pay? Riley Reynolds is finally fulfilling her dream of opening a karate school. Recently divorced, the last thing she needs is another guy in her life. But when her contractor turns out to be Van Wilde–her first love and the man who broke her heart–Riley is caught between old wounds and the undeniable sparks sizzling between them. Struggling to bond with his estranged teenage son, single dad Van Wilde convinces Riley to teach them self-defense, hoping the activity will help Van grow closer to his son–and grow closer to the woman Van never stopped loving. When passions reignite, Van and Riley draw strength from each other as they confront their demons and find the


Fully Booked Author Podcast

Fellow Candlewood Falls authors Stacey Wilk and Jen Talty and I are on Hidden Gem’s Fully Booked Author Podcast today discussing Collaborating in a Shared Fictional Universe. Come check it out! We had a blast recording the podcast and discussing how we came up with the idea for Candlewood Falls, and how we write the stories you love to read, including how we decide which of each others’ characters and businesses to include in our own books. The link goes live at 8:00 AM EDT Also, May 15, 16, & 17 will be the cover reveals for the Summer Releases at the Candlewood Falls Readers Group. My newsletter subscribers already got their sneak peek at my cover. The Candlewood Falls Reader’s Group is next. Then I’ll share it here and upload my cover to book retailers. Have you seen it yet?



I am super excited to share my new release WILDE TEMPTATION with you. Writing small-town contemporary romance has been a fun and exciting change from my usual alien abduction science fiction romance and paranormal romance. However, I couldn’t resist mixing a little taste of both into this story. The heroine, Faith, owns a New Age shop called Witchy Woman, where she reads tarot, palms, and apple peels (yes, you read that right – apple peels). She also has visions, but isn’t quite successful with them at first. There is also a hint of sci-fi as my plant geneticist hero creates a genetically modified apple that increases happiness. Read the blurb to find out what happens when New Age meets genetically engineered. 🙂 The Candlewood Falls series (named for the fictional small town of Candlewood Falls, NJ) is a shared-world series in which two other authors (Stacey Wilk and USA TODAY


Come Chat With Me!

  Come chat with me on Wednesday, July 21 at 7:00pm EDT as NY Times best selling author Jen Talty and author Stacey Wilk try to get me to reveal my deepest, darkest secrets. It could be scandalous or it could be a lot of laughs! Join us in the Candlewood Falls Facebook Readers Page.


WILDE TEMPTATION Preorder is here!

Preorder for WILDE TEMPTATION now for a September 1st release!   Who would be tempted by an apple that makes you happy? Plant geneticist Sam Wilde hopes everyone. He spent his life savings genetically engineering a unique variety and now needs an investor for his “happy apples” before his orchard’s foreclosure. But when fortuneteller Faith Shields mixes Sam’s brand new apples into her old world chutney recipe, the result is more than happiness – it’s horniness! As Candlewood Falls hungers for chutney, Sam and Faith experiment with their arousal hypothesis and soon discover their test subjects aren’t the only ones tempted by desire. Is the impassioned pair’s attraction a byproduct of the aphrodisiac or do they have true chemistry? Add into the equation Faith’s jealous ex-boyfriend—the only investor interested in the forbidden fruit—and Wilde Orchards is about to live up to its name. Pre-order WILDE TEMPTATION Now Enjoy a trip



I’m thrilled to show you my cover for my first small town contemporary romance, WILDE TEMPTATION, releasing September 3rd as part of the Candlewood Falls series.   Plant geneticist Sam Wilde spent his life savings engineering an apple variety to increase happiness. Now broke, he must find an investor before his orchard’s imminent foreclosure, but no one wants his red-fleshed, bitter-tasting happy apples—except for single mom Faith, whose apple peel readings are a hit in her fortunetelling business. Awaiting her ex-boyfriend’s return for a second chance to become a family, Faith makes and sells her apple & chili chutney at Sam’s orchard. But when the chilies’ heat reacts with Sam’s genetically modified apples, the condiment does more than make people happy. It makes them horny! As the town hungers for chutney, Sam and Faith create an experiment for their arousal hypothesis and soon discover their test subjects aren’t the only

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