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I can’t wait for you to meet and fall in love with Vander Wilde and Riley Reynolds in this second-chance romance. What if a second chance at romance comes at a price they can’t afford to pay? Riley Reynolds is finally fulfilling her dream of opening a karate school. Recently divorced, the last thing she needs is another guy in her life. But when her contractor turns out to be Van Wilde–her first love and the man who broke her heart–Riley is caught between old wounds and the undeniable sparks sizzling between them. Struggling to bond with his estranged teenage son, single dad Van Wilde convinces Riley to teach them self-defense, hoping the activity will help Van grow closer to his son–and grow closer to the woman Van never stopped loving. When passions reignite, Van and Riley draw strength from each other as they confront their demons and find the


COVER REVEAL – Wilde & Dangerous

Wilde & Dangerous has a cover!   What if a second chance at romance comes at a price they can’t afford to pay? Returning to his hometown for a fresh start, single Dad Van Wilde pursues a second chance at romance with his first love, Riley Reynolds. But when an out-of-control ex does the unthinkable, Van and Riley discover more than their rekindling romance is threatened. Pre-order now at Amazon. Amazon Other vendors coming soon  


Exciting News!

  I’m thrilled to announce WILDE IN LOVE is a finalist in the NJ Romance Writer’s Golden Leaf Contest for published books in the Short Contemporary Category (40,000-60,000 words). The books were judged by booksellers, librarians, readers’ groups, and romance readers. Thank you NJRW contest judges! And thank you, readers, for taking a break from your busy lives to sit back, relax, and enjoy a Wilde romance with me. ~ But that’s not all… Another Candlewood Falls novel, TAKING ROOT by Stacey Wilk, is a double finalist in the “Mid-Contemporary” category (60,000-80,000 words) AND “Best Book By A New Jersey Romance Author” category. Congratulations, Stacey! Keep your fingers crossed for Stacey and me. Winners will be notified in December.  



Today is release day for WILDE TREASURES: A Candlewood Falls Novel! I can’t wait for you to join Willow Wilde & Rick McKinnon on an adventure through Candlewood Falls as they chase clues on a hunt for 200-year-old buried pirate booty and discover some treasures are more precious than gold.   Rick McKinnon is on the hunt for booty… pirate booty, that is. With one week left to find the trove before his mafia boss investor starts busting kneecaps, Rick discovers the hidden location is inside a 200-year-old well on private property. Unfortunately, claustrophobic Rick gets stuck. The last thing Willow Wilde needs after moving away from her thieving ex is to rescue a sexy hustler from her well. But when the fortune hunter offers a piece of buried treasure in exchange for her help, Willow gets swept into an adventure sure to solve her money woes and add to



My newsletter readers had the first look at the cover for WILDE TREASURES, my new Candlewood Falls book coming August 9th. The Candlewood Falls Readers Group on Facebook got the next sneak peek. Now I’m ready to release the cover to everyone. Here it is…     While searching for a hidden fortune, can two lonely adventurers discover some treasures are more precious than gold? Be sure to pre-order TODAY at your favorite retailers for an August 9th release!


Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Writers often get asked, “Where do your ideas come from?” The answer is anywhere and everywhere. The idea for CAPTIVE, book one in the Survival Race Series came to me while watching the rescue of mistreated horses on an episode of Animal Cops. It was heart wrenching to see those beautiful animals neglected and starved so thin their rib cages showed. How would the owner have felt if he were penned up and abused like that? This got me thinking. What if humans were pets, and someone–aliens perhaps–bred us and gambled on us for sport like we do in horse racing, dog racing, and cockfights? What if they wanted to be entertained by watching alpha gladiators fight to the death? Hmm…I have no idea what happened in the rest of the episode, as I was busy cogitating a new story idea.  In creating the technologically advanced aliens, called the



My second Candlewood Falls Novel, WILDE CHRISTMAS has a cover a release date – December 6th and is available now for Pre-Order (ebook only). What do you think of the cover? I love it!


Beware The Flesheater

No, I’m not talking about zombies. I’m talking about this fierce looking combat knife called the Flesheater. It was designed by world renowned martial artist and retired USMC Master Sergeant AJ Advincula (my sensei), and custom made by knife maker Jim Hammond. It’s also the knife my alpha gladiators use in my sci-fi romance series, The Survival Race. We’re first introduced to the knife in book one, Captive: An Alien Abduction SciFi Romance, where broken-warrior Max uses it as he and his “mate,” Addy, escape from alien captivity. This 14 inch knife, with its nine inch re-curve blade, was designed for one thing: combat. And Max knows how to wield it in a fight. I own this knife (though my husband mistakenly believes it’s his, but let’s not open up that can of worms) and train with it. Let me tell you, it is one serious weapon. You can cut


WILDE TEMPTATION Preorder is here!

Preorder for WILDE TEMPTATION now for a September 1st release!   Who would be tempted by an apple that makes you happy? Plant geneticist Sam Wilde hopes everyone. He spent his life savings genetically engineering a unique variety and now needs an investor for his “happy apples” before his orchard’s foreclosure. But when fortuneteller Faith Shields mixes Sam’s brand new apples into her old world chutney recipe, the result is more than happiness – it’s horniness! As Candlewood Falls hungers for chutney, Sam and Faith experiment with their arousal hypothesis and soon discover their test subjects aren’t the only ones tempted by desire. Is the impassioned pair’s attraction a byproduct of the aphrodisiac or do they have true chemistry? Add into the equation Faith’s jealous ex-boyfriend—the only investor interested in the forbidden fruit—and Wilde Orchards is about to live up to its name. Pre-order WILDE TEMPTATION Now Enjoy a trip


The Best Martial Arts Style

Which self-defense or martial arts style is best? I’ll answer after this little story told to me by my teacher Arcenio J. Advincula (retired USMC Master Sergeant and 1st generation student of Tatsuo Shimabuku, the founder of our style, Isshinryu). One day, after a training session, the students were enjoying a drink with Master Shimabuku. Some were drinking beer, some awamori (a distilled alcoholic drink), and some pine juice. Using this social time as an opportunity to teach, the Master asked which bottle was the best. Those drinking beer said theirs was the best. Those drinking awamori claimed theirs was the best. Those drinking pine juice said theirs was the best. The Master replied, “All bottles are good. They all serve their purpose.” Though Master Shimabuku never mentioned why he asked the question about the bottles, Sensei Advincula believes he was relating it to karate styles: that all styles of

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