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Welcome to the worlds of K.M. Fawcett. If you love underdogs and kick-ass characters who fight for the life and love they deserve, you’re in the right place!

A note from K.M.

Are you ready for the third book in the small-town contemporary romance world of Candlewood Falls?


is available in ebook and print!

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Can a bad boy and a good girl overcome their fears to find true love?


WILDE IN LOVE is part of a shared world series with two other authors in which we write in the same small town of Candlewood Falls, NJ and our characters show up in each other’s books!



Preorder book 4 in the Candlewood Falls series now for an August 9th release.

While searching for a hidden fortune, can two lonely adventurers discover some treasures are more precious than gold?

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The SMALL TOWN WILDE ROMANCE  series (set in the Candlewood Falls shared world) and THE SURVIVAL RACE series are all available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Overdrive.

BEAUTY and the CURSE is available on Kindle and Audible.

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