About the Author

Whether her romances are set in a charmingly quirky small town or on a dangerous alien planet, award-winning author K.M. Fawcett writes emotional stories featuring underdogs and fish-out-of-water characters who find their place in the universe. She believes in happy endings, that humor is food for the soul, and that if true love can’t conquer it, then it probably deserves a good throat punch.

K.M. and her husband—the inspiration for all her heroes (and some of her villains)—own a dojo in NJ, where they teach Okinawan karate and weapons. Incorporating two decades of martial arts experience into her stories, she forges resilient, timeless characters who aren’t afraid to fight for the life and love they deserve.

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Book Clubs:

My absolute favorite thing about being a writer is meeting readers. Do you belong to a book club? Let’s set up an in-person or virtual chat. Did you know I do this for free? Well, technically there is a small cost for the books, but when you buy directly from me, your group will receive a big discount.



Interested in having K.M. Fawcett present a workshop at your next conference? Check out this list of workshops she has presented at local and national conferences, including Romance Writers of America, Romantic Times, Liberty States Fiction Writers, NJ Romance Writers, and CT Fiction Fest.

  • Keeping Sex Scenes Fresh
  • Building Character: Bringing People, Aliens, and Creatures to Life
  • Kick Butt Heroes: Using Martial Arts In Your Action Scenes
  • Self-Defense For You And Your Characters
  • Looking For Action? Writing Believable Fight Scenes
  • It Was Self-Defense, Officer! Writing Believable Fight Scenes and Police Tactics 
(with Harding Township Chief of Police Erik Heller)
  • Works Well With Others: How to Collaborate On Group Projects
  • You Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Write Sci-Fi Romance
  • The Art of Killing Your Characters
  • and MORE…
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