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Can I Tempt You With Something New?

Aug 28, 2023 by K.M. Fawcett
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The best thing about being a writer is meeting and chatting with readers. Every month in my newsletter, I poll the readers on different topics from what kind of covers they like best to their favorite cranberry sauce. I love getting the opportunity to chat with them when they reply to the newsletter. I don’t have an assistant, so I personally respond to EVERY single one! But it saddens me that we only get the chance to chat once a month, so I’ve created an exclusive K.M. Fawcett Readers Group in Facebook. Now we hang out and have fun whenever we want. Come join us!

Don’t worry, our community isn’t only about me. The goal is to make this an engaging place to escape, relax, and have a great time chatting about whatever comes to mind: books, TV, movies, pets, hobbies, martial arts, and…well, you get the idea! I want this to be your space as much as mine. Let’s have fun with it!

To get started, I’ve posted an exclusive extended sneak peek into Wilde & Dangerous that you can ONLY find in the reader group. Click here to join the group! Be sure to click on “join” and then answer the question about how you learned of the group.

I write because I want to escape into a heartwarming story of romance and adventure. I publish so that you can escape with me.

Escape with me and fall in love.
K.M. Fawcett

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