New Covers for Candlewood Falls

My books in the Candlewood Falls Shared World Series got a makeover.

While I loved the original covers for the series (especially the ones with my daughter as the model), I felt the covers looked more like Women’s Fiction, I and wondered if that was hurting sales. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it’s the first thing that catches a reader’s eye. They might not even go so far as to read the blurb if the cover doesn’t convey the right genre. So my cover designer and I decided to include a couple on the cover (Contemporary Romance) plus an object found in the stories:

Sam’s “magic” apples in Wilde Temptation,

Lacey and Dean’s retired military working dog in Wilde Christmas,

Flowering trees at the wedding venue in Wilde in Love,

Willow’s well (where Rick was looking for pirate booty and got stuck) in Wilde Treasures

Riley’s dojo and katana sword in Wilde & Dangerous,

And a gift box and ballet slippers in Wilde Under the Mistletoe.

The typography stayed the same to keep the shared-world branding consistent with the other authors’ books. Here’s a look at the original and new. What do you think?


ORIGINAL COVERS                                        NEW COVERS







(WUTM never had an origianl cover)

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