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Game of Characters

In my character building blog series we discussed how to bring people (and aliens) to life through words. You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here. This month, I thought I’d share a characterization game my daughter and I used to play. A few years back my daughter (now 20) came to me with a list of Disney princess movies she used to watch over and over when she was younger, and asked me to list my favorite princesses in order from most favorite to least favorite. What my writer brain heard was, “Which heroines do you like the best and why?” We each put them in our desired order and then shared and discussed our lists. Then we did the same for the Disney heroes, the Disney villains–which was an interesting discussion about what makes a villain enjoyable to watch–and then she surprised me


May the Fourth (be with you)! Yes, I know it’s May 6th.

Let’s take a break from the real world and play some games for a chance to WIN A FREE eBOOK of Captive or Fearless (Books 1 & 2 in The Survival Race series)! This week on the Sci-fi and Fantasy Romance Facebook Page, we celebrated May the Fourth (Be With You) and our 2000+ member milestone! I had such a great time posting games and awarding books, that I brought the fun over to Spacefreighter’s Lounge today. Join me there through Saturday, May 9th to play games for entries into a random drawing for a book. There are 4 games, and you can choose to play one, two, three, or all four. READY TO PLAY? Great! Click over to Spacefreighter’s Lounge and let’s have some fun!

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