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I am super excited to share my new release WILDE TEMPTATION with you. Writing small-town contemporary romance has been a fun and exciting change from my usual alien abduction science fiction romance and paranormal romance. However, I couldn’t resist mixing a little taste of both into this story. The heroine, Faith, owns a New Age shop called Witchy Woman, where she reads tarot, palms, and apple peels (yes, you read that right – apple peels). She also has visions, but isn’t quite successful with them at first. There is also a hint of sci-fi as my plant geneticist hero creates a genetically modified apple that increases happiness. Read the blurb to find out what happens when New Age meets genetically engineered. 🙂 The Candlewood Falls series (named for the fictional small town of Candlewood Falls, NJ) is a shared-world series in which two other authors (Stacey Wilk and USA TODAY


Beware The Flesheater

No, I’m not talking about zombies. I’m talking about this fierce looking combat knife called the Flesheater. It was designed by world renowned martial artist and retired USMC Master Sergeant AJ Advincula (my sensei), and custom made by knife maker Jim Hammond. It’s also the knife my alpha gladiators use in my sci-fi romance series, The Survival Race. We’re first introduced to the knife in book one, Captive: An Alien Abduction SciFi Romance, where broken-warrior Max uses it as he and his “mate,” Addy, escape from alien captivity. This 14 inch knife, with its nine inch re-curve blade, was designed for one thing: combat. And Max knows how to wield it in a fight. I own this knife (though my husband mistakenly believes it’s his, but let’s not open up that can of worms) and train with it. Let me tell you, it is one serious weapon. You can cut



Perhaps you’ve seen someone about to get into a fight stand a little taller, puff out his chest, stick out his chin, shout, swear, or flat out take a fighting guard. This is posturing. And it could help you in a self-defense situation. Cobras make themselves larger by rising up and spreading their hoods to intimidate prey and prepare for a swift attack. Mongooses rise up and make their fur stand on end to appear larger. Both animals show their fangs/teeth and make noise. Silverback gorillas hoot and pound their chests as they threaten their opponent to back down. Many animals, including your house cat, posture instinctively. People, however, need to train for it. Posturing is making yourself appear confident, strong, and intimidating to your attacker so they lose their will to fight. It is both a fighting position and an attitude. No, you don’t need to pound your chest,

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