I’m thrilled to show you my cover for my first small town contemporary romance, WILDE TEMPTATION, releasing September 3rd as part of the Candlewood Falls series.


Plant geneticist Sam Wilde spent his life savings engineering an apple variety to increase happiness. Now broke, he must find an investor before his orchard’s imminent foreclosure, but no one wants his red-fleshed, bitter-tasting happy apples—except for single mom Faith, whose apple peel readings are a hit in her fortunetelling business.

Awaiting her ex-boyfriend’s return for a second chance to become a family, Faith makes and sells her apple & chili chutney at Sam’s orchard. But when the chilies’ heat reacts with Sam’s genetically modified apples, the condiment does more than make people happy. It makes them horny!

As the town hungers for chutney, Sam and Faith create an experiment for their arousal hypothesis and soon discover their test subjects aren’t the only ones tempted by desire. Is the impassioned pair’s attraction a byproduct of the aphrodisiac or do they have true chemistry? Add into the equation the only interested apple investor—Faith’s jealous ex-boyfriend—and Wilde Orchard is about to live up to its name.


Here are the other two Candlewood Falls books that are releasing along with mine. Aren’t the covers great? And the best part of the series is that our characters, business, and events show up in the other books! It’s a #LiterarySoapOpera.



Pre-orders for all three books in the fall release will be available in June!


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