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The Best Martial Arts Style

Apr 30, 2021 by K.M. Fawcett
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Which self-defense or martial arts style is best?

I’ll answer after this little story told to me by my teacher Arcenio J. Advincula (retired USMC Master Sergeant and 1st generation student of Tatsuo Shimabuku, the founder of our style, Isshinryu).

One day, after a training session, the students were enjoying a drink with Master Shimabuku. Some were drinking beer, some awamori (a distilled alcoholic drink), and some pine juice. Using this social time as an opportunity to teach, the Master asked which bottle was the best. Those drinking beer said theirs was the best. Those drinking awamori claimed theirs was the best. Those drinking pine juice said theirs was the best. The Master replied, “All bottles are good. They all serve their purpose.” Though Master Shimabuku never mentioned why he asked the question about the bottles, Sensei Advincula believes he was relating it to karate styles: that all styles of karate are good.

Extrapolating that thought, I believe all styles of martial arts are good. They all serve their purpose. The point is, no matter what style you learn or what techniques you use, fighting back doubles your chances of an assailant breaking off their attack. Remember, your assailant fears two things: getting caught and getting hurt.

Of course, we all want more than a 50% success rate. That’s why I recommend learning self-defense. If you’ve never taken a self-defense class, please, take one! It could be the single most important thing you do. If you have taken a self-defense class, take another one! Repetition, repetition, repetition will help you fight back with confidence and effectiveness. If a self-defense class sounds intimidating, why not sign up with friends and make it a fun night out?

It doesn’t matter which style of martial arts you learn, the important thing is to train. Take those classes. Practice. Learn different techniques. There is more than one way to stop an attack. The important thing is stopping it!

Stay safe out there!

~ K.M. Fawcett

Author and Martial Arts Instructor

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