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WILDE IN LOVE Release Day!

Apr 6, 2022 by K.M. Fawcett
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Today is Wilde In Love’s release day!

I can’t wait for you to meet romance writer Brielle Wilde and Stuntman Luke Sheridan. If you love a wounded bad boy hero who isn’t quite what people think he is, then Luke is the book boyfriend for you. I love how Luke helps Brielle face her physical fears, and how Brielle helps Luke face his emotional fears. Together, they heal each other’s hearts.

To celebrate the Candlewood Falls Spring Releases, I’d like to invite you to a NIGHT AT THE MOVIES release party tonight (Wednesday, April 6) at 7:30 PM EDT on Zoom. Come hear about the new releases, listen to short excerpts, and tell us which movies you’d pair the book’s theme with. (Hint: Mine has to do with weddings. I’m sure you’ve seen a wedding movie or two.)  Click the picture below for the Zoom link to the party.



Can a bad boy and a good girl overcome their fears to find true love?

Bridesmaid and romance writer Brielle Wilde is determined to win her crush’s heart at an adventure wedding. But when a panic attack forces Brielle to flee the first activity, she engages the help of the most fearless person she knows—widower Luke Sheridan, the bride’s reckless and sexy older brother.

Taking risks is easy for stuntman Luke Sheridan…except when it comes to his heart. When he agrees to coach sweet, quirky, and tempting-as-hell Brielle through the adventure activities, she sparks a desire he never imagined he’d feel again. But how can he open his heart when it’s sealed tight from guilt over his wife’s death?

Can Luke find the courage to admit his love to Brielle before she wins the heart of another man?

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