Would You Fight Back? And Renegade’s Release!

I remember reading a comment from a woman about self-defense and how she felt that if attacked, she could never fight back, as she could never hurt another mother’s son.

Wow. That’s a pretty noble statement.

Now, she didn’t state her reasons for this. It could be her religious belief, or her moral code, or perhaps she’d recently given birth and couldn’t imagine hurting another mother’s child. I don’t know. But it did make me think.

And my conclusion?

Yeah…no, I could never be that noble.

While I’d like to believe I have good moral principles, I know absolutely, without a doubt that if I were attacked or threatened, I’d fight back. There is no turning the other cheek for this girl. I’d punch, kick, claw, bite, poke out eyes…anything to get away. No, I’m not normally a violent person (ahem…I just write violent books) but if the situation comes down to my life versus the assailant’s, you can be sure I’ll fight for mine with everything I’ve got.

In my new release, Renegade (Survival Race #3), Griffin is a gentleman and a scientist who, after an incident in his past, vowed never to hurt anyone, again. Unfortunately, in order for him to win a spaceship to shepherd his people to freedom, he must compete in the Survival Race. How will he fare in a blood sport where the last man alive wins? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing he teams up with female gladiator, Katana, who teaches him what she knows.

Unfortunately, Griffin has to do quite a few things he never thought himself capable of, especially when it comes to saving the heroine (and himself). But this sport isn’t all about self-defense. At some point he will have to become an active participant. Much of this book takes place during Survival Races, therefore it is action-packed. However, I admit I was concerned readers might feel there was too much violence for a romance. So far, early reviews have been positive with 4 and 5 stars and no mention of the level of violence. *sighs in relief*

Unlike Griffin and Katana, chances are good that you and I will never have to fight to the death. However, I’d like to pose the question to you…If you were attacked, would you or would you not fight back?

If you would fight back, is there anything that you wouldn’t do (like biting or poking out eyes)? If you wouldn’t fight back, why not? I’m curious to know your thoughts, and whether or not you have martial arts or self defense experience. Looking forward to your comments.

Authors: What level of violence do you include in your science fiction romances? Have readers ever told you it was too much?


The last man alive wins!

When a rebel scientist and a female gladiator team-up in the Survival Race, they unwittingly fall for each other. But the alien masters demand a single champion, and the rivals-turned-lovers are forced to choose between winning their freedom and losing their hearts.

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Renegade is the third stand-alone book in the Survival Race series. Each book’s couple finds their happily ever after. No cliffhangers. The print copies are coming soon…

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A rookie cop and an alpha gladiator band together to escape their alien captors in a chilling race for survival and soon discover freedom isn’t all they desire.



When a soul jumper embraces a gladiator warlord’s darkest secrets, their destinies unite in a fight to save their loved ones. But victory demands they surrender more than their hearts.


Stay safe out there!

K.M. Fawcett

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